Monday, April 7, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Kelley Experience Weekend!

By Kyle PriceFirst-year MBA, Marketing Major

It’s officially spring and it’s officially time for a new class of MBA students to decide which b-school is right for them.  To make that decision easier, the Kelley School of Business is hosting their annual Kelley Experience Weekend (“KEW”).  Below are three reasons why admitted Kelley candidates can’t afford to miss one of the biggest weekends at Kelley!

1) Start Building your Network

Business schools offer MBA students an opportunity to build a wealth of new business knowledge and a high-powered network of business professionals.  KEW gives future Kelleys the opportunity to start that network building process before classes even begin.  At KEW you will have the opportunity to meet incoming classmates, MBA students from the classes of 2014 and 2015, Kelley professors, and Kelley faculty.  Ask KEW alumni, and they’ll tell you that the people they met at KEW were the foundation for their professional network and that they still rely on that network today.  You can’t miss KEW because of the opportunity you’ll have to start building your professional network.

2) Experience the Kelley Academies for the First Time

There are many reasons why Kelley is different from other business schools, but one of the biggest reasons is the Kelley Academy experience.  At Kelley, every 1st year MBA student joins a Kelley Academy.  Academies meet on Fridays and prepare students for their post-MBA career based on their intended function (Marketing, Consulting, Supply Chain, Finance, etc.).  During KEW, Kelley candidates will have the chance to meet academy directors, current students from each academy, and each academy’s respective Graduate Career Services advisor.  For those candidates still exploring what major is best for them, KEW will bring clarity to what different post-MBA careers entail.  You can’t miss KEW because of the opportunity you’ll have to experience the Kelley Academies.

3) Honestly, it’s a lot of Fun!

While KEW is packed with very informative sessions on the Kelley experience, you can’t overlook the fact that KEW is a lot of fun.  When else will you get the opportunity to experience a mixer in the collegiate and classical Alumni Hall at the Indiana Memorial Union?  How about the chance to dine in the Broadway feeling Indiana University Auditorium?  Furthermore, how about the opportunity to experience the thriving hotspots of downtown Bloomington with 100 different members of that new network you built during the day?  You can’t miss KEW because, honestly, it’s a whole lot of fun!

For those new Kelley admits out there - congratulations! We here at Kelley can't wait to meet you at KEW!


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