Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting in the Mindset of a Googler

By Noel De La Torre, MBA'15 
Intern at Google, Large Customer Sales

Interning at Google this summer has been a dream come true for me, not only because I am passionate about technology, and have long admired the company, but also because I have had the opportunity to tap into the company’s culture, which truly embodies one of our Kelley Values: collaboration.

Though I was excited to join Google as their first ever Kelley MBA intern—a fact that I am extremely proud of—I knew that the internship would challenge me and force me beyond my limits, so I came prepared to single-handedly tackle whatever challenges it threw my way.Throughout the summer, those challenges have included defining a sales narrative and establishing a marketing strategy in order to help one of the Large Customer Sales teams capture the full value of mobile advertising.

Although I started with a very limited understanding of my project and initially felt “alone” in the pursuit of its completion, I was surprised by the level of collaboration that exists at Google.  Almost daily I have met with Googlers who are willing to share their insights and knowledge with me, and do whatever they can to help me inch closer toward success. I regularly walk away from these chats with not only a better understanding of the challenge that I face, but also additional resources and introductions to valuable contacts within the company. 

Given the importance that Google had placed on the subject of my project, almost everyone I have met has supported and guided me toward that end.  In that respect, Google has made me feel at home, very much in the same way that the Kelley MBA program has since the day I arrived in Bloomington. 

Though ultimately the success of my project hinges on my ability to navigate multiple obstacles over the final weeks of my internship, I take solace in the fact that I am not tackling it alone and hopefully paving the way for future Kelley MBAs.


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