Friday, October 17, 2014

Academy Week Preview: Consumer Marketing Academy

Academy Week begins October 20. This intensive week immerses our first-year MBA students in the fundamentals of their focus industries, through alumni panels and group sessions, visits to leading companies in the field, and professional development enhancing activities. This week, our second-year MBA students will revisit last year's Academy Week, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Linsey Tague, MBA'15
Today Linsey Tague, MBA'15, shares Academy Week highlights as a student in the Consumer Marketing Academy. These students work closely with our corporate partners and smaller companies to develop marketing acumen and build brands.

Which companies did you visit during Academy Week? 

Kraft Oscar Meyer, Eli Lilly, ConAgra Foods, Miller Coors, Whirlpool, Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Abbott Nutrition, Procter and Gamble

Which was your favorite company? Why? 

ConAgra Foods. They had an exercise where we were tasked as the brand manager on one of their brands. We had to come up with a new product innovation with real food ingredients to choose from that had to appeal to the target consumer we were given, remain under a certain cost, and be able to gain distribution in the market place. It really helped put into perspective the challenges that real marketers face in brand management. Also, ConAgra ended up being the company where I interned this summer.

How did Academy Week enhance your career? 

Academy Week opened my eyes to the variety of opportunities within marketing across different industries—from food and beverage and durables to nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. It really helped me solidify which industries and types of marketing programs I wanted to pursue for my internship. I also learned how to apply several of the marketing concepts we had been learning in the classroom to actual industry experiences from well established and respected marketing leaders.

What was the most fun part about Academy Week? 

Dinner and drinks at the World of Whirlpool on the top floor of a high rise overlooking the Chicago River!


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