Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Academy Week Preview: Strategic Finance Academy

Academy Week begins October 20. This intensive week immerses our first-year MBA students in the fundamentals of their focus industries, through alumni panels and group sessions, visits to leading companies in the field, and professional development enhancing activities. This week, our second-year MBA students will revisit last year's Academy Week, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Today Eric Leserman, MBA'15, shares Academy Week highlights as a student in the Strategic Finance Academy. These students work on real-world business problems throughout the year, traveling to places such as the Silicon Valley, Minneapolis, and New York for an in-depth look at the role financial professionals play in Fortune 500 firms.

Which companies did you visit during Academy Week?

Ecolab, Best Buy, Optum Health, and Target.

What was your favorite company? Why?

I really enjoyed going to Target. It was in a beautiful building in downtown Minneapolis and everyone we met there was so friendly. The highlight for me was when they took us into their store next to headquarters and showed us the business decisions that were made in the layout of a store and why they were so important.

How did Academy Week enhance your career?

Having worked at small businesses prior to Kelley, it was great to see the headquarters of large corporations. It was amazing how easily you could see the company culture in action after spending as little as a few hours at headquarters.

What was the most fun part about Academy Week?

We had a free evening in Minneapolis and we took advantage of this to go to a Minnesota Wild hockey game. It was a lot of fun to enjoy a pro sport with my classmates and be immersed in the culture of one of Minnesota’s favorite pastimes.


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