Thursday, October 30, 2014

Discovering the Kelley alumni network in Silicon Valley

I traveled to Silicon Valley last week with Kelley's Strategic Finance Academy to visit Intel, Xilinx, and Broadcom. This was Academy Week: five days of exploring our interests (in my group's case, strategic finance in the technology sector) and networking with professionals who could give us real perspective from the field.

We had the opportunity to interact with dozens of Kelley alumni who have built amazing careers at these companies, and I was inspired to hear how the Kelley School influenced their paths when they were in my shoes.

Kyle DeLapp
On our first stop, we visited Intel's Executive Briefing Center and got a hands-on demonstration of the company's cutting edge 3D camera technology. We also toured the Intel Museum and learned how microprocessors are made, as well as the components of their global supply chain. From engineering genius to clean rooms operated by machines, we learned how Intel has capitalized on one of their founders’ groundbreaking law. Today, the driving force of Gordon Moore’s law is in the hands of Kelley alumni.

Our second visit was to Xilinx where CFO and Kelley grad Jon Olson walked us through the responsibilities and realities of an earnings call. We had a glimpse into the C-suite, and we learned about how Xilinx has strategically positioned itself in the niche programmable logic market through sales, operational, and R&D finance.

The final stop on our trip was Broadcom. Two alumni gave our group valuable perspective on what it takes to be successful in the technology sector. Both shared stories of what to expect after MBA life and the importance of making an impact from day one. Today, Kelley alumni at Broadcom are a major asset behind the push for the Internet of Things and its innovative expansion.

When I made the decision to come to Kelley, I was asked over and over why I chose a school in the Midwest. At the time, I had the facts about rankings, global programs, top-notch faculty, and a collaborative culture. However, Academy Week helped me see an incredibly overlooked strength of the Kelley School: its alumni network.

Now, when I am asked why I chose Kelley, my answer will center on how Kelley is shaping the world. I'll stress the significance of its powerful alumni network and the impact and success stories Kelley generates on every continent.


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