Monday, December 8, 2014

Soccer, diversity, and common values in the Kelley MBA

By Juan Ramirez
1st-year Kelley MBA

Last month, the Kelley MBA Soccer Club organized its annual soccer tournament with the support of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness (IGOE) and the Kelley Latin MBA Association.

The tournament was the culmination of Latin Week and the Doing Business in Latin America events. It offered a wonderful opportunity for 1st- and 2nd-year MBA students, exchange students, and their families to enjoy some time together and have fun playing one of the most beautiful sports in the world: soccer.

One frequent question that people have asked me since coming to the Kelley School of Business is, “What has been your most rewarding experience you have had during your MBA?”

The answer is simple: meeting people from different cultures, nationalities, ways of thinking, and backgrounds. At Kelley, there is a tremendous degree of diversity but, underlying this diversity, we also share values and interests in common. One of these interests is sports, specifically soccer.

It is amazing to realize that a sport can gather people together from different countries such as Bolivia, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

There was a prize for the winning team, but the real objective of the soccer tournament was to meet and get to know each other better. In my own opinion, the most important assets that an MBA student takes with him are lifelong friendships. These are people who share common personal and professional objectives in life, just as the common objective is to score a goal on the soccer field.

What we learn in class, we can easily apply outside the classroom, even in soccer: Respect, passion, leadership, teamwork, humility, and hard work made the soccer tournament possible. All of these match the Kelley Full-Time MBA program values.

Success is not only measured by our professional accomplishments, but also by our trustworthiness as human beings. Thank you to everyone who played. Kelley legacy, friends for life. I will miss all of you soccer players.

Winners of the MBA soccer tournament, the Black Team: Kevin Tang, Joaquin Pereyra, Sushil Balan, Vinay Yelaboyina, Sofia Nuñez, Miguel Cruz, Luis Contreras, Emanuele Borghetti, Brooks Staley, and Uchenna Abakporo

Stakeholders of the MBA soccer tournament were: Sofia Nuñez, MBA Association President; Andrea Arguello, Latin MBA Association VP of Finance; Eduardo Padilla, Kelley MBA Soccer Club President; Michael Jones, Kelley MBA Soccer Club VP of Social Events; and Juan Ramirez, Kelley MBA Soccer Club VP of Athletic Events

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