Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bloomington Audit: Sulay Alvarenga, MBA'15

Sulay Alvarenga, MBA'15, and her favorite things.

Kelley Experience Weekend is this Thursday through Saturday at Indiana University. More than 100 prospective MBA students will visit the Kelley campus and see what our program—and our thriving city—has to offer them. We asked Sulay Alvarenga, MBA'15, to recap some of her favorite things about Bloomington. Browse her list, and try a few while you're in town this weekend.

Fresh cookies from Baked! 

As someone with a serious sweet tooth, I was thrilled to discover a place in Bloomington that makes fresh baked cookies on-site with whatever crazy toppings you want. Only Baked! can give me chocolate chip, Oreo cookies with macadamia nuts!

Coffee ice cream from The Chocolate Moose 

I love ice cream in general, but there’s something special about The Chocolate Moose. It’s a place that’s iconic to Bloomington and the IU community. I have to say, it’s also the only place where I see people line up for ice cream regardless of how cold or warm it is outside.

Trying to get through HITT class at the SRSC 

The Student Recreational Sports Center has a ton of great group exercise classes, but my favorite one is High Intensity Interval Training. I first experienced the class with my good friend Aaron and it became a fun activity we would suffer through together.

Hazelnut coffee from Bloomington Bagel Company

There really is nothing like getting that fresh cup of hazelnut coffee from Bloomington Bagel Company right before class. It’s nothing fancy but always tastes so good!

The Sample Gates with the perfect fall backdrop 

While the Sample Gates are iconic to Indiana University, it’s seeing them with that picture perfect backdrop in the fall that makes you stop and really appreciate our beautiful campus.

Walking down Kirkwood early Sunday when no one’s really around 

Kirkwood is known for its high traffic, especially during Parents Weekend. I love walking around downtown when no one is around and seeing all the great local restaurants and shops we have.

Fancy Sunday brunch at Scholars Inn

As a grad student, I try to be mindful of my budget, but there are certain things you just have to indulge in. Sunday brunch at Scholars Inn is definitely something you can’t pass up. I love their blueberry pancakes and mimosas!

Crème Brûlée french toast at Uptown Café 

I was definitely late discovering the crème brûlée at Uptown Café, but I’m so glad I did! The dish is just amazing; combining a great dessert with an iconic breakfast option. What could be better?

Lion King Roll at Japonee 

I only started eating sushi a few years ago, easing into it with avocado and California rolls, and then upgrading to spicy shrimp and eel rolls. The Lion King roll was probably the first specialty roll I ever had and I loved it! I’ve ordered it at other sushi restaurants, but it’s never the same. The one at Japonee is just special.

Tailgating in the fall 

Tailgating at IU is all about grilling on the lawn, having a few drinks and enjoying the fall weather with friends. I love seeing everyone in their IU and Kelley gear!

Basketball games at Assembly Hall

Having gone to Georgetown for undergrad, I was excited to be at a Big Ten school where the basketball games would be on another level.  The excitement at Assembly Hall is crazy!

What are your favorite things about Bloomington? Join in on the discussion using the hashtag #BtownAudit.


  1. Love your list Sulay! A soulful cup of spinach lentil at Darn Good Soup, melt-in-your-mouth peach macarons from Blu Boy or heavenly Crème Brûlée at Uptown Cafe and a walk back to school through the wilderness from the Sample Gates (to burn 1/100th of the calories just consumed) ... equals a happy afternoon! #BtownAudit

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