Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IGOE Fellows Take Full Advantage of NSHMBA Conference & Career Expo

From left to right: Thiago Barreto de Araujo (MBA ‘17, IGOE Fellow), Christina Naguiat (MBA ‘17), 
Vignicius França (MBA ‘17), Sara Marinov (MBA ‘16), Manuel Tejada (MBA ‘17, IGOE Fellow)

By Thiago Barreto de Araujo, MBA ‘17

MBA Fellows of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness attended the 27th NSHMBA Conference & Career expo in Chicago, Illinois, October 8-10, 2015. NSHMBA is the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, which was founded in 1988 with the purpose to be the premier organization for Hispanic business professionals.

The IGOE Impact

The Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness (IGOE) has been giving its continuous support to Latino and Latin American MBA and PhD students since 2010. In addition to financial support, IGOE provides opportunities to help its Global Fellows succeed in a competitive world. Through regular meetings with Founding and Managing Director Professor Herman Aguinis, doctoral students, MBA students and guests, IGOE allows us to gain knowledge and experiences that prepare us to become innovative and committed leaders.   

The Career Expo

Approximately 50% of the companies at the career expo were Fortune 500 companies. There were opportunities for internships and jobs in different industries, functions and countries. Company representatives were very professional, receptive, and willing to provide information about company cultures and available opportunities.

The Experience

From my perspective, NSHMBA was a great opportunity to learn about companies, to network, and to have a better understanding of what those companies are offering and what they are looking for. I believe that the process to find the best job opportunity takes time and requires perseverance. I had the opportunity to talk to companies across different industries about what was really important. Talking to people from different industries and backgrounds during career expos can be challenging; however, the more we practice, the better we get. I realized how Kelley and IGOE have helped me to become a stronger candidate. Their dedication and passion to prepare their students have been crucial for my improvement. Not only did I benefit from the conference, but other Indiana University participants benefited as well. Some already have their summer internships with Fortune 500 companies in place. Some are in the interview process, while others are still in the process of searching for the best opportunities.

The Interviews

Almost all of us had opportunities to interview with great companies. The interviews were one-on-one and held in private rooms. The job interview is a crucial moment in the job searching process. The candidate must be prepared to stand out among all the candidates in order to succeed. Even for those who did not get a job offer, it was a great opportunity to learn and to improve.

More than a Career Expo

IGOE Fellows not only benefitted from the conference and career expo, but it was also a great team experience. We travelled together and stayed in the same area. Even though we come from different cultures and different backgrounds, arranging our travel plans — where to stay, where to eat, and all the details — was easy. It is evidence that we have been improving our ability to work in teams.

Prepared for the Future

Thank you, IGOE, for the support. We are living proof that IGOE's mission is being accomplished. The whole experience has helped us to become more confident to face the next challenges.


  1. Yeah, my friend also attended this NSHMBA Conference & Career Expo and provided great reviews about the event. I was busy in my dad’s corporate events planning so I couldn’t make it. If you have any videos of this expo then please share here for me!

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