Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bloomington Audit: Dan Pickering, MBA'16

Dan Pickering
Not only is the Kelley MBA program among the top in the world, so is our location—Bloomington, Indiana. A top college town with an amazing college campus, Bloomington boasts natural beauty, a low cost of living, and is nationally noted as a best place for food, theater, music, and adventure.

In our ongoing #BtownAudit series, Kelley MBA students share some of their favorite things in Bloomington. Enjoy these top picks from Dan Pickering, MBA’16.

Memorial Stadium

Feeling the sun on your face on a crisp fall Saturday watching college football is a great experience, and Indiana Memorial Stadium is as good a spot as any to enjoy this. Don’t get me wrong, Hoosier fans definitely put basketball first, but they also love their football. The tree-lined, grass tailgate fields are full hours before kickoff, the team is on the upswing, and Coach Kevin Wilson has the team playing with record-setting offensive explosiveness that is really fun to watch.

Wapehani Mountain Bike Park

Want to escape civilization for a little while? Wapehani Mountain Bike Park is one of my favorite places for a quiet peaceful walk with my wife and dog. Serene hilly trails surround a lake that is beautiful in all seasons, but perhaps most of all in the winter when frozen and covered in snow. It’s been a unique spot for us to connect on the day-to-day and dream about the future.

IU Golf Course

The IU Golf Course is the perfect retreat to get outside and enjoy a few hours with friends. With a lighted driving range for late evenings, a par 3 course for beginners, and a championship course that is rarely crowded, the IU Golf Course offers something for all types of players and occasions. My favorite part? Bring your student ID and walk the course for just $15.

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Plan a visit and experience Bloomington and the Kelley MBA program for yourself.


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