Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bloomington Audit: Daniel Castelline, MBA'17

Daniel Castelline, MBA’17, continues our #BtownAudit series and shares some of his favorite things about Bloomington, Indiana.

Daniel Castelline, MBA'17, and his favorite things.

When I first relocated to Bloomington from Boston, “apprehensive” would have been an appropriate expression of my uncertainty. Southern Indiana doesn’t exactly jump off the map, but the prospect of attending the Kelley Full-Time MBA Program was too alluring to pass up. So I packed my bags, and off to the land of corn I went.

Bloomington has been an ideal place to pursue my MBA. I often refer to the town as a “student’s utopia.” A town that punches above its weight, Bloomington is affordable, convenient, friendly and, oh yeah, did I mention affordable? Because of its intimate size, Bloomington also fosters an environment of community, culture and collaboration; and you’re bound to run into classmates wherever you go.

Here’s a short list of my favorite city slicker things to do in Bloomington:

Andrew Davis
Whenever in need of a little retail-therapy, Andrew Davis is the place of choice for high-end menswear. A premier boutique in Bloomington, Andrew Davis carries an assortment of top-line labels. Drop by to have a beer, peruse their latest collection, and chat with storeowner Andy Mallor, a Kelley alumnus and IU enthusiast.

The Tap
A favorite among the Kelley MBA community, The Tap is a wonderful place to unwind with both classmates and faculty. With more than 300 craft beers, The Tap’s variety is terrific for those with an adventurous pallet. Looking for a recommendation? Start with the Kentucky Bourbon—on tap, of course!

The Bluebird Nightclub
Swing by the Bluebird, a historic music venue, for karaoke, Boy Band Night, and to see a number of high-profile musicians. Past and upcoming performers include David Nail, Third Eye Blind and the Eli Young Band.

Bloomington Farmers Market
A popular activity for anyone possessing a Bloomington zip code, the Farmers Market is an excellent way to support the local community and economy. Meet and mingle with organic farmers, listen to the live bluegrass music, and take home an ear or two of Indiana’s famous sweet corn.

The Comedy Attic
Who doesn’t like to laugh? Good thing the Comedy Attic has got you covered. With acts such as Tim Meadows (The Ladies Man), Isaac Witty (Bob & Tom Show) and Brian Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program), you’re sure to be splitting at the sides.

Big Ten Athletics
For the glory of Old IU! MBA tailgates and visits to Assembly Hall are wonderful reprieves from the classroom. Socialize with classmates over a cold beverage and hot bowl of jambalaya, and swim in a sea of red and white—excuse me, “cream and crimson."

IU Auditorium
What do Tony Bennet, Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Wayne have in common? Not much, aside from their recent performances at the IU Auditorium. Due to the Jacobs School of Music's illustrious reputation, world-renowned talent comes to town for all to enjoy. So whether you prefer the brilliance of Yo-Yo Ma, or the boisterousness of Lil Wayne, there’s bound to be something for your selective ear.

Weekend Trip to Indy
If you’re searching for cosmopolitan-based entertainment and cuisine, or simply a weekend getaway, Indianapolis is a fun and convenient destination. In only an hour drive to the north, you can catch a Colts NFL game, partake in the Indy 500, explore the Art Museum and destress.

Film Festival at IU Cinema
Love a good film? Who doesn’t? Each year, the Middle Coast Film Festival takes place right here in Bloomington. A wonderful attraction for movie followers and aficionados, this event portrays a wide array of shorts, documentaries and features. Held downtown in the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, a retro 1960’s-styled film house, the MCFF is a local must.

Topo’s 403
There are many great places to eat here in Bloomington, but Topo’s 403 tops my list. Hidden by its unusual exterior, 403 is easily mistaken as a mid-colonial styled home. A fantastic place to bring a date or your visiting mom, this hidden gem possesses a mouthwatering menu. I recommend the lamb and pita. Or the grilled swordfish. Actually, scratch that, go for the Indiana Ribeye.

What are your favorite things about Bloomington? Join in on the discussion using the hashtag #BtownAudit.

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