Friday, August 19, 2016

Kelley Alumni Receive Free Career Support for Life

by Kendell Brown, Associate Director of Alumni Career Services 
Kelley Graduate Career Services

Kendell Brown
At the Kelley School of Business, the Graduate Career Services staff considers alumni career services to be about lifetime career support. We are here for Kelley alumni at all stages of their careers. On-campus career services teams focus on understanding a student’s values and interests to help with a job search and getting off to a good start. Alumni career services marries that initial knowledge with the knowledge that comes with experience and being “in the real world” to set and achieve career development goals.

For short term planning, almost all of my conversations are about the next career step—a promotion, an external job search or a career pivot (“I’m in finance but I’d like to get into marketing.”).

When it comes to mid-term planning, those discussions are more about having a broad career goal and the moves necessary to achieve it. We talk about expanding an alum’s responsibility scope, enhancing and expanding strengths and building visibility.

Kelley’s alumni career services support is free and unlimited. This is a testament to how much we value our alumni. I’ve talked with my colleagues in other schools' alumni career services offices and they are stunned that I meet with each alum as often as he or she likes and at no cost. In this respect, Kelley is truly singular.

Fundamentally, what we offer is 1-1 individualized career development support. My interactions with alumni tend to go down one of two paths: executional and strategic.

Executional support is often part of a job search, so things like resume reviews, mock interviews and LinkedIn assessments are common. However, I also take time to create networking plans and career assessments with alumni.

Strategic coaching is more about career visioning and identifying motivators to guide alumni toward their ideal future.

Wherever you are in your career, I am happy to work with you and help you achieve your career goals. Please contact me to start the conversation.


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