Accidental Coordination of my Classes

Course work this semester has actually coordinated pretty nicely. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking New Venture Strategy, Consumer Insights, and New Product Management. While unintentional, these courses provide coursework that is inter-related and I have been able to build on the concepts as we continue learning new concepts throughout the semester. For example, in New Venture Strategy, we have spoken about the role of innovation within companies. Then in new product management, we are learning about multiple ways that innovation and new products can occur within a company, particularly through involvement from the consumer. Finally in Consumer Insights, we will talk about how do you identify consumer insights and how can they be helpful in developing new products, etc, bringing a complete circle back to how does understanding consumers and focusing on innovation affect or drive new businesses. Now, these courses are not designed to overlap, but one thing I have valued about being a part of a two year MBA program is how the coursework builds on the strong foundation and fundamental understanding of business established in the Integrated Core and I look forward to continuing to learn more.

Outside of coursework, I just finished my mid point meetings with my first year mentees. They are all progressing through their career search and I even had one join the Life Science Academy to enhance her MBA coupled with her strategic marketing MBA focus in order to pursue marketing in the pharma industry. Their growth is incredible and it is gives me a chance to reflect on just how far I have come since becoming a student at a top ranked MBA college. Tonight, the Consumer Marketing Academy peer coaches are meeting to talk about how things are going, share best practices, and continue to develop our program and make changes as we get feedback and learn what is and is not working so well. Feedback at its finest, we are ready to continue to improve the program!