Sunday, February 19, 2012

GLOBASE Guatemala: Driven to Do More and Be Better

First-Year MBA, Business Marketing Academy
It is 6pm on a Wednesday night, and my group and I wrapping up for the day. We leave for Guatemala in less than a month, and there is still a great deal of work to do. Conservatively, we are about 55% done with our project with Mujeres Buscando Alternativas, and the momentum has not stopped nor has our enthusiasm dwindled.

Our client’s situation and goals do not weigh on our heads so much as it propels us. We’re motivated by our project. We know what this means to our clients, and what it could potentially mean to the entrepreneurial women in rural Guatemala.

My greatest source of motivation, however, is my team. Great teams are not always put together, but once in a while, you find a team that understands you, supports you, encourages you, and trusts you. And vice versa. My project team is a group of women who are all driven, intelligent, and full of integrity. We accommodate each other without compromising the level of quality that was promised to our clients. We, as a team, embody what Kelley stands for.

Under a solid leadership team of second year MBA students, and the guiding hand of PhilPowell, our Core professor of Economics, we are succeeding as a team, building creative solutions that will serve our clients’ needs. A Kelley student’s schedule is hectic, and it is easy to burn out or take on too much, so finding motivation is key. What keeps you going? What gives you that strength to go on one more hour, or perfect one more slide, or perfect one more detail?

For me, it’s the school I represent, the client we made a promise to, and the team I serve.

GLOBASE has thus far been a fantastic journey. Soon we will be able to implement our recommendations in Guatemala and get to see them in action. We have had our meetings, created innovative suggestions, and established new approaches to our problems – and all the while, have been driven to do more and be better. I give all thanks to my team, my motivators, and can’t wait to finish up the last 45% of this project so we can enjoy Guatemala together!

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