Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just an ocean away

Guest Post by Christine Thomson
First-Year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy

Me and my GLOBASE Ghana team with our Partners in early February

We have spent the past eight weeks preparing for our in-country experience and the week of our departure has finally arrived.  I have been working closely with four teammates to develop an inventory management recommendation for a small retailer located in a village outside of Accra, Ghana.  The project seemed almost overwhelming when we first began. How was it that we could put together a recommendation for a store we had never visited, for owners we had never met, located an ocean away? It was during our partner week in February that this project came to life for me. My team and I were able to spend a week working closely with one of our Ghanaian partners. It was during this week that the client relationship turned into friendship and inspired us to develop the best solutions we could.

I am looking forward to meeting our client next week and putting a face with the voice we have heard over Skype.  I am looking forward to having an impact on our client.  I know I may not change his life in the short time we are there, but I know this experience will change mine. 

Stepping on the plane on Saturday will be an accomplishment for a personal journey for me in many ways. With parents from Canada, spending summers in Montreal was the extent of my international travels. This is an opportunity for me to experience a culture so different than my own; something I am ready to embrace.  When I came to Kelley, one of my goals was to push myself into new experiences and take advantage of every opportunity.  You know you are ready for the next step when your fears and anxiety turn into excitement and anticipation. Although I have begun packing and always have the slight fear of forgetting something, I know that the experience I am about to have will change my life.  Never would I have thought one year ago that I would be here today with this grand experience just a few days away. With my passport in hand, I am waiting in anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead!

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