Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pursuing a career in Corporate Finance at Kelley

By Jessica Lapsia
Second-Year MBA, Corporate Finance Academy

As I prepared to talk to the first year students in the corporate finance academy about my recruitment journey at Kelley recently, I recounted my experiences since I commenced my MBA in the fall of 2010.

When asked about my goal post MBA in a session with the Graduate Career Services, I remember jotting down “transitioning to a career in corporate finance”.  As passionate as I was about achieving it at the time, it was a distant reality.  I had no idea how I’d make it happen.

Soon we delved into meeting with finance alumni at several world renowned companies across a gamut of industries. Learning about alumni experiences and corporate cultures first-hand served to broaden my understanding of the role of finance at different firms. Going through this process, while receiving guidance and insights from the academy and career services personnel, helped me identify roles and companies with an environment conducive for my success. Articulating “personal fit” in interviews became a seamless effort.

The solid foundation in finance and accounting received in the first semester coupled with electives prepared me for technical interview questions and the internship. Excel modeling skills gained in Professor Wayne Winston’s class helped me take my analysis to the next level. Lo and behold – I had the job I wanted!

Now, as I embark on perhaps the bigger journey, elective finance offerings such as  ”International Corporate Finance” stimulated by case discussions of challenging finance decisions faced by companies, and  “Real Options”,  an approach to valuation increasingly being adopted by companies to model dynamism,  have not only enhanced my analytical ability but also increased my confidence in solving real business problems.

Jessica Lapsia


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